The Diet That Works….Really

I have never been a believer in diets. The Atdkins, South Beach, grapefruit, low fat, low carb, no carb, this pill, that pill. Find me the diet that is both effective and SAFE. Oh, and one that let’s me eat the food I want too…

Well, it appears the New England Journal of Medicine and Frank Sacks of the Harvard School of Public Health actually agree with me (that’s a joke in case it slipped by you).

The study led by Frank Sacks followed 800 overweight adults for two years. The group was placed on four different diets ranging from low-fat/high-carb to low-carb/high-fat diets. Regardless of which diet group members were placed into, they all lost the same amount of weight, which was 13 pounds the first year and 8 pounds the second year.

One could conclude from reading this study that the common sense approach of Consume Fewer Calories Than You Burn really works.

Just think of all the money that can be saved not to mention the self deprivation from foods truly enjoyed that we can still consume on a moderate basis.

To read more about common sense diet strategies that really work, click here.

One final bit of advice that is key to weight loss: don’t forget to exercise.



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The Puppy Days of Spring

They call those really stagnant, hot days of August, The Dog Days of Summer.  You want to stay inside and if you have go out into the inferno, you don’t want to move, kind of like him.summer-day-dog1

So what do we call the early days of spring?  The Puppy Days?  Everything is young, playful and happy, just like a puppy. You just want to be outside running around and playing, kind of like this guy.puppy-playing

 OK maybe if you are me, you prefer to be  parked in a lawn chair with an ice cold water and a book  like the guy to our right. lawn-chair

 But puppy days they are, and today was one  great puppy day here in North Carolina, 83 sunny degrees. It was just beautiful and I did pull out my lawn chair and book and went on a regular mini vacation.

Just eight short days ago we had six inches of snow on the ground, no school for two days and my lawn chair, had it been outdoors would have looked like this.

lawn-chair-in-snow1Now for the really sad news. Tomorrow’s high is a balmy 44 degrees.  What do we call that besides u.g.l.y.?


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Apple Cider Vinegar Testimonial

I am compelled to provide a left handed testimonial for Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  I have previously posted about the wonders of ACV and feel the need to do so again.

My daughters and I were having our hair done a couple of days ago.  The lady who takes care of us asked me if I knew any alternative ways to take care of acid reflux as she knows about my “natural” obsession.  She told me she has struggled with acid reflux for years with no good solution to correct the misery created by this chronic condition.  She has taken both over the counter as well as prescription medication.  While both would give her some relief after a period of time, she had to take the medication all the time to prevent occurrences and didn’t like the side effects of either medication.

I told her about ACV and she told me about a friend who sent her to the grocery store to buy some.  When she did, she told me the taste and resulting burn confirmed she would never try that again.  I explained the difference of organic versus the distilled, pasteurized grocery store variety.  The organic version is alkaline versus acidic with all the natural health miracle’s of the “mother” due to not being pasteurized.

She seemed skeptical so while she was attending to my daughter’s hair, I scurried to a nearby health food store and picked her up a bottle. Yes, I am that cool and thoughtful, but that’s another post.  

Today, two days later, I was near the salon so I dropped in and guess what?  Her acid reflux is gone, not a hint of it remains.  She hugged me and declared her amazement. 

It really feels good to help someone.  I hope this post reaches someone who is suffering from the same condition.  If you are that person, I too, was one who felt the burn of acid reflux as well as my husband and we can both tell you ACV definitely stops it in it’s tracks.

To read more about the wonders of ACV go here.

Or here.


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Get Your Smile On

Mckay K over at Living With A Chronic Illness noted me, little ole me, as a blogger that makes her  smile.  It truly gives me a great feeling to make someone smile.  Just makes the day so much better.  So thank you Mckay K for allowing me to brighten your day!!

This brings me to the part where I share with you what makes Sheri smile.

Well………In no particular order of importance here we go:

  1. Brownies and cheesecake never fail to make me smile. 
  2. My BFF/Husband with his unconditional love and devotion makes me smile and say a prayer of thanks every single day. 
  3. Temperatures over 60 degrees make me smile and when they occur in the months of December – February here in NC, make me laugh right out loud.
  4. Reading something meaningful, especially when it’s written by an average, every day person really makes me smile.
  5. My two dogs, Tess and Zoey for thousands of reasons every single day.
  6. My three kids for millions of reasons,  just not every day like the dogs do….sorry kids, but it goes with the territory. 

There are plenty of other things that make me smile, but these are the ones that manage to come through thick and thin. 

Blogs that make me smile on a regular are:

Crone And Bear It  – Linda is the best taking an every day situation make presenting it with humor and candor, sometimes at her own expense virtually every day. 

Mulled Madness – I don’t know where he gets his jokes and pictures, but I go for my “Funny Fix” often.  Check out all his blogs while you are there;  I don’t know how he does it!

Margaret and Helen  – These ladies don’t know me from Adam because they get about 50,000 hits a day and 2000 comments a post.  OK so I embellished a little, but they are huge.  Both are seniors, Helen does most of the writing and is gutsy, bold and maybe a little sarcastic.  Agree with her views or not, ya just gotta love her!

Delaney’s World – She’s funny, imaginative and her Avatar makes me smile every time I see it.  And believe me, you see it out there a lot!

Papercages – Tricia is a gifted writer who offers her very own special brand of humor.  She finds the most unique pictures and then spins a great story about each and every one. 

Your Caring Angels – I go to AngelBaby’s site to get my peaceful smile on.  She never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy with a great story about the angels surrounding and caring  for all of us.

Please visit these sites, they are worth the trip, I promise.  If I mentioned you above, as always, participation is optional as life happens to all of us.  Our plates runneth over  like crazy sometimes, don’t let me add to that, please!  Just want to say again: THANKS FOR MAKING ME SMILE.


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Thoughts to Ponder

arm_wrestle_sI have had a dog or dogs in my life since I was very young.  I don’t think I could have it any other way. They become a part of the family, develop their very own personalities and sometimes take over the entire household.  I’ve had dogs that have chewed, destroyed, peed where they weren’t supposed to, barked when they shouldn’t have, roamed the neighborhood, dug in the garbage, I even had a biter that ended up having to be euthanized when all other efforts were exhausted.

I have to say though, that I have never had a dog that ran away.  I did, actually have a run away dog that would come and stay with me here and there only to leave after a couple of weeks or days later, then show up unannounced ready to take up residence again.  He wasn’t a stray either, but a very large, well fed, well behaved Lab.  I always figured his owner encouraged him to go mooch off others because he was so big and therefore expensive to feed.  But I digress. 

What puzzles me is why a dog would actually choose to run away.  I’ve heard various folks claim over the years their dog has run away.  These aren’t sad, neglected dogs either, but average, well taken care of dogs.  Their owners say one day they are just gone, never to return.  What are these dogs thinking? Are there rational  thoughts that go through their minds.  Like “I wonder what the weather is in Colorado, because it sure is humid here in Florida”.  Or maybe they think some home on the other side of town will serve canned instead of dry.  Do some of them get the urge to roam after listening to “Free Bird” too many times and just pack up and take off?scuba_dog_s

Why on earth would man’s best friend leave a warm house, unlimited food, chew toys, belly rubs, endless games of fetch…..for what?  Greener pastures? But I digress…..


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I feel so cheated….

This past week here in North Carolina has been, well quite spectacular.  At least the weather has been.  Every day in the 70’s.  In February.  This beautiful weather mysteriously appeared a mere two days after snow and 15 degree temperatures.   I have had a spring in my step every time I walk outside.  The heater isn’t kicking on every twelve seconds.  The kids are making plans about things like shorts and flip flops.  The dog has started shedding like crazy….OK that’s not good, but it’s still a sign that spring is coming. 

I love the first sign of warm weather.  I just don’t like the part that will surely follow.  It’s like I’m being teased…..downright tortured.   You know it’s coming too.  What I mean is the cold will surely return.  When it does, it feels so much…..colder.  I feel like I’m been played.  Mother Nature is saying, “Oops, sorry I didn’t mean to do that, maybe you can have some more…..later”.   She is very cruel that way.

I hope it’s here to stay, but I know it’s not.  Today the weather guy, who never gets it quite right, says a high of 69 and tomorrow a high of 48.  Now that’s just down right mean.  Maybe he’ll be really off in his forecast again Tomorrow not today.


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Drink Your Veggies

Super food supplements and drinks have become a comprehensive way of getting much, if not all, of what we miss in our diets due to poor eating habits.  Many people are either too busy and too entrenched in their life-on-the-go-fast-food-no-time-to-cook diets.  Some folks just plain don’t like their veggies and consequently miss getting the nutrients only found in whole, natural foods. 

Sometimes if you are like me, you try to eat all the right things and do a pretty good job most of the time.  I am always pushing myself to eat healthier, but a little help now and then would sure give me a boost.  Which brings me to a super food I’ve been drinking, Berry Greens Boost.  I mix one little scoop in a glass of water and drink the nutritional equivalency of  eating eight salads.  That is a lot of veggies in just a few gulps.  A huge benefit is that it does not have the caffeine, stimulants or massive amounts of sugar that many of these drinks have.  The ingredients are all natural, nothing artificial at all.  The energy boost, however, after drinking my veggies is amazing.  Just good pure energy without the jumpy stomach and shaky hands. 

I did have an adjustment period while I got used to the taste.  It has a berry taste, but you can taste the green stuff as well.  I combine it (which is the only way my kids will drink it), with banana’s, fresh pineapple, kiwi  and orange juice.  Now we get our fruit and veggies all in one delicious drink.  I also add it to my daily drink of apple cider vinegar and for some odd reason the two flavors compliment each other.  What I can’t do is drink this after 6:00 PM or else I find I have a little trouble sleeping as soundly as I usually do.  

If you are looking to enhance your nutritional intake each day, whether you already eat enough of the good stuff or if you need to improve your nutritional intake, this is definitely an effective way towards achieving Ideal Health.

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